Dried Amanita Regalis 60g (2 oz)


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2 oz Dried the Best Quality Amanita Regalis Mushroom Caps (60 grams) TOP Grade Amanita Regalis.

Amanita Regalis, commonly known as The King of The forests, or The Royal Fly Agaric is within debate as the rarest Amanita strain.

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πŸ„ Amanita - a trend of recent times

People are finally starting to return to their roots: antidepressants do not solve problems, they only mask them.

Alcohol seems to be supposed to relax and help you relax, but in fact it dulls and makes you selfish, and ultimately makes you lose your self-esteem.

Our whole life is supposed to make us constantly suffer, throwing up new reasons for us: terrible news in the official media, negative opposition bloggers - a person simply has nowhere to go, and all that remains is to run away !

How do we know how to escape from reality?

Each in its own way, but flight is self-deception and postponing of the problem. Ultimately, the problem, like a boiling cauldron, will explode, dousing you with its unpleasant reality .

Excellent product.


πŸ˜‰. G . Balynas

Marion Van Zant

I have not used product yet , I need to RELIABLE information on a method to prepare regalis , or all usable amanita . I attempted to prepare two orders last year , I felt I closely followed directions yet I ruined everything I ordered ,an expensive venture , I dont want that to happen again , any information would be greatly appreciated, too much expense and time involved to fail a second time .

Brandyrene Williams

Dried Amanita Regalis 60g (2 oz)