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Welcome to our Amanita Muscaria store. 

We are a world travelled family that respects and loves Amanita Muscaria and want to share her with the rest of the world. We are VERY passionate about what we do because we deeply understand her ability to change the world for many people. We forage the mushrooms sustainably, we prepare, dry, store them and work with them only in the traditional way, gathering only in forests of Lithuania where we leave the seeds remaining to regrow for foraging local animals and a thriving ecological system. We have spent over 10 years studying multiple languages, Herbalism, Shamanism, the power of Herb Craft and we work with her only with great reverence. We offer only a product with vibrant colour and strong smell. Amanita Muscaria is The Mother of all Herbs and we are proud to say that working with her is our passion and family business, helping those, who require help through this wonderful remedy.

Amanita Muscaria has since the dawn of man been a main ingredient in many magic potions.Due to the endowed drying procedure that we use, The Amanita keeps her best physical and chemical qualities which are the most valuable. When the mushrooms are gathered they are then sorted and cleaned where we then place them through the special process dryer for up to 4 days. Fresh Amanitas dry on a low 60° Celsius temperature. They are then placed into a vacuum sealed package: as pictured on our webshop or we can tailor a custom amount. We store dried Amanita Muscaria production in a cool, dry and dark storage space for no longer than 6 months. We ensure that our products are extremely high quality. If you have any questions or any curiosities, please contact us at: Amanita Muscaria Shop, Lithuania, Vilnius.