The Crown of Jewels

I came here to tell you all that the number one hidden secret of the Empire is The Amanita Mushroom. The Crown of Jewels, Crown of Righteousness, Crown of Life, Crown of Glory, Crown of Exultation, The Incorruptible Crown. The Crown Ju(dew)bilee, are the number one hidden secrets of all of our humanity, stolen through violence to keep us from inner peace.

The key to cosmic connection, stolen, easy to be retreived from the Ancient texts.

When can we all see clearly what is hidden from us all in very plain sight? When someone shows us, I came to show you.

The greatest way to hide the truth is to put it right in front of us.

When a picture speaks 1000 words, let a symbol speak 10000 pictures.

“He is the child of heaven, and a brilliant red banner, of universal cosmic sacrifices.” – Rig Veda 6:49:2

His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems.” Revelation 19:12

“The vehicle of enlightenment, studded with jewels of virtue.” The Gandavyuha.

“He is the pillar of Heaven.” – Rig Veda 4:14:5


“Who is this in crimson garments, glorious in his apparel. Why is your apparel red like he is that treads the wine press?” Isaiah 6:1-2

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