Stories of The Sami

According to many stories of Northern European peoples, when the people were sick, or when they had a life problem, they were never tended to by a doctor or psychologist. Rather they would call out for a Sami woman or man to come into their home. In very short time, the called upon Sami would arrive by their totem animals, Reindeer.

Before they set out for their travel by Reindeer they would consume a dose of Amanita Muscaria where it was reported when the Sami came into their home they always seemed to be in two worlds in the one moment. The person would tell the Sami their problem. The Sami would ask The Amanita for guidance internally and bring the diagnosis externally to the room in what is reported instantly and accurately through The oracle of vision, perceived by the visionary.


Much can be said not only about the beauty of The Sami people, though about their delicate rites of passage and their always delicate connections to everything where ever they would go.

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