Subliminal Mushroom

Here is a screen capture of the movie Alien (1979) where Sigourney Weaver gets out a keyboard near the end and this is what appears on the keyboard.. Incase you did not know. Fly Agaric is the most popular name for Amanita Muscaria. Trip? To where?
We know that Hollywood is nothing more than a Masonic block laying pinion for sorcery and esotericism. So what was Alien truly about?
The movie begins with a panning shot over Saturn. Saturn rules the world of Fungus in Medical Astrology. Medical astrology is the only true medicine system. As even the father of western medicine states – “A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” Nothing could be more true.
Saturn is the planet of death, hence Aman-ita opening up and allowing us to take a deep quest into this realm.
The movie continues and plays out with people running from demons, could these be the inner demons that Aman-ita makes us face?
This movie encapsulates the cast recieving visions from dream realm that can be used to reshape their futures.
The entity that spawns in the movie that is the demon that all cast must face is born from an egg, similar to a volva of Aman-ita. Which is a unique aspect of The Fly Agaric.

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