Amanita Muscaria – From Irelands Pagan Goddess to Catholic Patron Saint.

How is it possible that Brigid, the Pagan Goddess of Ireland that represents AM, became the revered Catholic Saint Brigid? Who would have ever thought an Amanita Muscaria would become a Catholic Saint.

The truth is right at our feet in the forest.

The red topped patron of prophecy and fertility. She is also associated with wisdom, poetry, healing and protection. All those things that spell out Amanita loudly to me on a personal level. Not to mention the etymology that can be broken down with the word Aman-ita. Connected to protection, as I have mentioned in other videos and writings of mine.

Brigid/Brigit/Bride is The Bride with The Universal Veil, well celebrated during the holy communion which I have written about also, that the holy bread is the bread of manna as revered in ‘The holy bible.’ The bread of manna is Amanita, The sacred host of heaven.

Brigid – the bridge between both sacred worlds.




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