The Lucky Mushroom

In this 111 year old German book called ‘Der Gluckspilz’/’The Lucky One’ or, The Lucky Mushroom. Hansel and Gretel become lost in the enchanted woods whilst looking for a “lucky” mushroom. They are guided by The Moon (as we all should be) to The Amanita house, where it is during their stay that they meet a wizard with a crown, (Amanitas have a crown) who appears remarkably resembling of an Amanita that takes them through an inner gate.

What is inside this inner gate is what they can take back to the people outside of the forest in need of it, and it was what was inside this Amanita that helped Hansel and Gretel to find their path.

The ending of the book stated that it was important to return to the enchanted fairy land every once in a while to listen quietly to the magical forest. Gluckspilz is also a common name for Amanita in a Germany.

Do we get it? Aren’t we all looking for our path? Sometimes we see people struggling to find their way their. I am confident to say, look no further.

The truth right in front of us, and always within us.

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