The Herb of Immortality

Amanita Muscaria
When Amanita Muscaria takes 3 days to be resurrected from the dead, just like Jesus. When Amanita Muscaria was widely known as the same “Miracle” cure as to that of Jesus, in that it makes the blind see, deaf hear, lame walk, curing the sick, opening portals in the mind, and known by all cultures as The Herb of Immortality; Who really is Jesus? Amanita Muscaria.
The are no questions about it and The Vatican Knows it. Hence why Santa is depicted as the Amanita Muscaria (refer to my True Origin of Christ-Mas video) and is worshipped on the birthing day of ‘Jesus’ in Christianity which represents The Amanita being stolen from the people as they have been made to replace it with false worship of trash making a day of trash out of it, as The Vatican laughs at all the people that took their bait under the spell of Black Magic Craft.
The ONLY reason people fear the beautiful bright red and incredible smelling Mushroom namely Amanita Muscaria, is purely because of Trauma based Mind Control.
One of the first Modalities in evaluating and finding out what the purpose of Powerplants are for, is not only through taste, though how it makes one feel through observing the Plant.
And none has ever been known to fear it purely by observation, it is all in the Mind via Mind Control that this occurs, people are merely only ever and always captivated by her as they stop to view her along their forest ponders. And keep about walking in their entranced states of fear.

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