Amanita in Mysticism

Christianity and Islam were both the very same religion more than 300 years ago, anyone would be fooled to think otherwise. The largest congregation were divided by Rome and this is why half of The Christian Temples have only Islamic art, and half of The Islamic Temples have only Christian art and what are their main symbols? Astrological. Wake up to the Truth.
And we wonder why they now worship Allah and Alle-luia to Christ. Baraq who Mohammed allegedly received the messages from for the faith of Islam is STILL depicted as an Amanita Muscaria and ALL the ancient symbols of Christ in the Cathedrals are represented by The Amanita Muscaria still today. Don’t fall asleep to the Truth.
Everything has changed and the history books rewritten. People have fallen from nature and what occurs in her people mostly fear.
Why follow the prophets of men with messages from The Divine when we are each and ALL the receivers though now running in fear from receiving directly because we are right where they wanted us.
Can you guess what the forbidden fruit that gave us knowledge was in the middle of the garden? A picture tells a thousand words, a symbol speaks a thousand pictures. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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