Stories from the Siberian Taiga

Right where the heart is. I came to hit it home.
The purpose of Stalin was to destroy Shamanism in Siberia. You didn’t hear that one in their history book. The Shamans of Siberia came to an end through Stalin.
He came with Vodka to kill The Siberian Spirituality and to replace their traditional Amanita drink with one that would kill their connection to the all, rather than the one they had that kept them connected deeply through herbal remedy, a drink famous to The Ancients for bringing out authenticity in the person.
Stalin was trained to destroy authenticity and to coerce a collective.
At a time where Vodka through war tactic was priced cheaper than water with the agenda that it would become the only viable option so as to override the trauma bestowed upon them in order to keep them under.
And although EVERY country in the world history records the use of Amanita for divining information. The most common reported event whilst using Amanita is the feeling of flying. Stalin was sent in to destroy the use of this substance. Make no mistake.
Stalin ordered the Siberian Shamans to be taken up into Cargo planes where the Shamans would be told with laughter “You like flying?” As they were pushed out of the Cargo planes to fall to their deaths.
When you have no idea who rules the system, you have no idea on how to be free within your own.
The Siberian Shamans used Amanita to fly to their ancestors in order to bring back important answers to their questions where today most people will turn on their computers to find out the ‘truth’ from their Demonic devices.
The ancestors are and always were much wiser than the internet. They are the true inner-net, let us never forget.
Stalin hated Amanita because he wanted a collective and it made people unique. We must understand this.
Despite modern literature there are NO recorded deaths in the use of Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina.
The Shamans of Siberia hold in their Lore that Amanita came from the mouth of God directly. And you would think these people were fools for being connected to the divine source directly?
You are scared of Amanita? That beautiful bright red Mushroom that makes Mario and Alice in Wonderland grow oh so much in the movies and the games. You should be scared, because it must be much more scary than being pushed out of Stalins planes.

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